It’s a clash of the gold titans!

In tonight’s 10th season return of Gold Rush, miners Tony Beets and Parker Schnabel share some tense words over a water license — and EW has an exclusive first look.

“The only piece of ground I’ve got left to mine is on the airport and is underneath your license,” says Beets. “If you don’t want to join the license with me, we’re basically out of here.”

“Yeah,” mumbles Schnabel.

“So we’re going to have to buddy up somehow,” replies Beets.

“Oh, now we are buddying up?” says Schnabel. “What happened last spring, Tony?”

Suffice to say, it devolves from there.

For nine seasons, Gold Rush has followed a crew of miners who pursue gold in them thar hills. There are always new claims, new machinery, and new miners to get in their way.

Gold Rush returns at 9 p.m. ET tonight on Discovery.

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