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WARNING: This post contains spoilers about season 5 of Peaky Blinders. Read at your own risk!

Thomas Shelby has met his match … only he doesn’t know who it is.

For most of Peaky Blinders‘ fifth season, Thomas did what he does best: He schemed. And his plan was relatively simple: During a public speech, Thomas was going to murder Sir Oswald Mosley. Or rather, he was going to have an old buddy of his murder Mosley. And in the season 5 finale, the table was set. The plan was in place. Mosley was clueless. It looked like Tommy was about to get another win under his belt. Until everything went horribly wrong.

Not only did Mosley survive the speech, but Aberama did not. And Tommy ended the season defeated, but without knowing the identity of the person who’d defeated him. So not surprisingly, we have some questions following one of the Netflix series’ biggest cliffhangers.

Who’s the leak?

This is the obvious one. Someone, somewhere leaked Tommy’s plan to kill Mosley. Was it as simple as naive Finn saying something he shouldn’t have in front of Billy or is there another plan at work here? Was Tommy betrayed by someone he loves? And that brings us to our second question…

What is “Option 2?”

If anyone in Tommy’s family has betrayed him lately, it’s Michael. Not only did Michael kick off the season by losing the family a ton of money, but thanks to the influence of his American wife, he’s become power hungry, and as far as Tommy is concerned, Michael wants to replace him. And when Tommy refused to read Michael’s business proposal in the finale, Michael’s wife told him, “I guess we’re going to be forced to take the second option.” WHAT IS THE SECOND OPTION!? Is it to betray Tommy and thwart his plan to kill Mosley?!

Who is Michael’s wife?

There’s been a lot of talk about Al Capone becoming a part of the series at some point, which begs the question: Could Michael’s wife have some sort of connection to the Capone family? All we seem to know about her is that she’s American, she doesn’t like Tommy, and she clearly knows Mosley.

What’s next for Polly?

Polly has been Tommy’s sounding board from day one. She’s a crucial part of the family business. So what is Tommy going to do now that he’s been betrayed and he doesn’t have Polly by her side? And what is she going to do now that she’s resigned?! (Although given Aberama’s death in the finale, she might reconsider that position in the name of revenge.)

What’s Billy Grade’s story?

So this guy is a former professional soccer player who now sings for a living, and for some reason, Arthur wants him to be part of the Peaky Blinders? Why? Who is he? Why did Arthur bring him into the fold? And who did he call after Finn spilled the beans?!

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