You don’t need to love Green Eggs and Ham to watch Netflix’s new animated series — but it sure would make Sam-I-Am happy.

The popular character from the Dr. Seuss book of the same name is back and will be going on a pretty wild adventure throughout the show’s 13-episode season that’ll kick off on November 8. Even though it’s based on one of the most famous children’s book ever written, the whimsical series promises laughs for the entire family.

Green Eggs and Ham was a labor of love for all involved, including producer Ellen DeGeneres, as production on the project took four years to complete, thanks to its cinema quality hand-drawn 2D animation.

Green Eggs and HamMichael Douglas as Guy Am I, Adam Devine as Sam I Am
Credit: Netflix

In the streaming adaptation, Sam, voiced by comedian Adam DeVine, rescues a rare animal named the Chickeraffe from the Glurfsburg Zoo, tucking it away in his briefcase with the hopes of sending it back to its home island where it can be free. But, his plans get messed up during a chance meeting at a diner with Guy-I-Am, voiced by legendary actor Michael Douglas, who accidentally switches briefcases with Sam.

As fate would have it, the pair end up on an adventure that will see them forever changed. And, who knows, maybe Sam can teach Guy to love green eggs and ham by series’ end.

Green Eggs and HamAdam Devine as Sam I Am, Michael Douglasas Guy Am I
Credit: Netflix

There will be a long list of characters that Sam and Guy will meet along the way, and they’re voiced by the following star-studded cast:

A curious, fun seeking girl who just wants to keep a dangerous wild animal as a pet.

Diane Keaton – Michellee

EB’s overprotective mother who’d rather stay home and count beans than ever risk any fun.

Green Eggs and HamIlana Glazer as EB, Diane Keaton as Michellee
Credit: Netflix

Keegan-Michael Key – Narrator

Our rhyming guide on the road to Meepville.

Eddie Izzard – Snerz

The tiny, evil overlord of the biggest company in all of Seussdom with a passion for collecting rare, illegal animals.

Jeffrey Wright – McWinkle

A professional bad guy on one last job.

Jillian Bell – Gluntz

A professional bad guy on her very first job.

John Turturro – Goat

The biggest, baddest goat this side of Meepville.

Tracy Morgan – Fox

A fox torn by his love for a chicken and her tasty green eggs.

Daveed Diggs – Mouse

A revolutionary at heart, this vermin longs for freedom and cheese.

Watch the cast read from the original book that the Ellen DeGeneres-executive produced series is based on, in EW’s exclusive video feature above.

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