What happens when you put Kelly Clarkson and Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth together? Magic, of course.

The Kelly Clarkson Show is the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to the amazing “Kellyoke” performance that the former American Idol winner does at the top of each episode, fans were given a real treat when Chenoweth appeared on Clarkson’s new gabfest.

The episode, which will air Monday, Oct. 7, starts out innocently enough with the two singers sitting down for a regular interview. But when Clarkson points out how awkward it is that in musicals, people just break out into song without warning, she does just that. And when Chenoweth joins in on the never-before-heard tune mid-interview, things take a turn for the epic.

Check out a sneak peek at Chenoweth’s appearance on Clarkson’s show, including a performance of the original Broadway song you never knew you needed.

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