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October 04, 2019 at 08:00 AM EDT
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As Billy McBride gets ready to take on another monster opponent in season 3 of Amazon Prime Video’s Goliath on Oct. 4, it’s the perfect time to take a trip back to the drama’s sophomore season, which debuted last summer.

Billy Bob Thornton, who won a Golden Globe for his performance on the first season of the show, returns to the role of McBride, a formerly destitute attorney who had a financial come up after he settled a wrongful death case for $50 million in season 1. He kicked off season 2 drunk — in typical Billy McBride fashion — but now, he’s using the money he earned in court and giving it away to as many people who will take it.

One person not keen on reaping the financial benefits of their friendship is Oscar Suarez (Lou Diamond Phillips). Rather than money, he needs McBride’s help in a different way: Suarez’s youngest son Julio (Diego Josef) has been accused of a double murder he didn’t commit and they need representation. Shortly after, the attorney meets mayoral candidate Marisol Silva (Ana de la Reguera), who is a longtime friend of Suarez. While he chooses to not take the case, he flirts with Silva and opens up about some issues he’s having with his daughter Denise (Diana Hopper), who quickly boards Marisol’s campaign, growing close to the mayoral hopeful

Credit: Merie Wallace/Amazon Studios

Silva turns down his offer for a drink from the bottle that he so unromantically pulled from the pocket of his jeans, but they have an undeniable attraction for one another. The two become a lot closer after Oscar is murdered, leaving Billy no choice but to take on Julio’s case. He reaches out to his old friend JT (Paul Williams) for help finding the real killer, which leads to the unraveling of huge secrets and the powerful people attempting to conceal them.

One of them is Tom Wyatt (Mark Duplass), and it’s in his best interest that Julio be the fall guy. He involved Marisol unbeknownst to her, and as a big supporter of her campaign she has to look the other way. Thanks to him, she’ll get her first taste of what it takes to be a politician and the unlawful things she will be expected to do. Julio is special to her but she comforts herself by thinking her win will help her make a difference in the bigger picture. Although she can’t be truthful with new lover Billy, she finds solace in his arms.

Wyatt is shady and strange (in so many ways), and he keeps the same sort of company. Pete “The Broker” Oakland (David Cross) is a real estate agent who does some of Tom’s dirty work, all while wearing a terrible wig. He’s silly but unafraid to get mixed in with the crazy things Wyatt is connected to, but he will have to pay for that later.

Credit: Merie Wallace/Amazon Prime Video

Patty Solis-Papagian (Nina Arianda) is a hilarious attorney and McBride’s collaborator first introduced during season 1. She brings some comic relieve into an otherwise dark series and easily holds down the fort when Billy is MIA. Patty is very involved in Julio’s case and was pivotal in helping find the guys who committed the crime for which he was blamed.

While on the case, the twice-divorced Solis-Papagian met FBI special agent Jeff Clayton (James Wolk), who wasted no time asking her on a date. As much as she initially resisted, they eventually have dinner and really hit it off well beyond the dance floor. This guy doesn’t scare easy and it seems to be exactly what she needed.

In the second half of the season, Silva takes McBride to her home in Mexico, where they attend a quinceañera hosted by her brother Gabriel (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo). When Silva stands up to her sibling while protecting McBride’s life, the cartel leader manhandles Silva and calls her by her birth name: Claudia. He also mocks her for falling in love with a fantasy and forgetting who she really is.

McBride has no idea that Gabriel is mixed up in his client Julio’s case, so he isn’t suspicious when Marisol invites him home. But the cartel boss and sometimes surgeon who enjoys removing people’s limbs, used this trip to distract the attorney while he had Julio killed.

The season wraps with McBride visiting Wyatt and tells him his former associate Oakland is prepared to testify against him. Wyatt flips the script on him and blabs about all the things Silva was plotting against him while he fell for her like a fool. But it’s McBride who ends the argument a winner by telling Wyatt that Gabriel and Marisol are really brother and sister.

Wyatt ends up on Gabriel’s surgery table, limbless and perfectly content until the latter removes Wyatt’s tongue, so he can’t squeal. McBride confronts Silva, who denies she ever loved him with tears in her eyes. Even though it’s obvious she’s lying, they don’t live in a space where they could be together. She’s now the mayor and will have to act accordingly, which isn’t a good thing.

As he rides off into the night in his cherry red mustang, he knows that even though things are going to be okay, he’ll never be the same.

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