By Chancellor Agard
October 03, 2019 at 12:00 PM EDT

In Black Lightning‘s third season, being separated from his family will pain Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) in more ways than one — as you can see in this exclusive clip from the season 3 premiere.

When we last checked in with the Pierce family, ASA Agent Odell (Bill Duke) had just enlisted them into the metahuman war against Markovia. Neither us nor the Pierces could have guessed that meant Jefferson and Lynn (Christine Adams) would be yanked away from their daughters and imprisoned in the Pit, which is where we find the couple when the new season begins.

In the above clip, we see that Jefferson is definitely feeling the pressure of being on a 31-day hold in the Pit, which involves intense interrogation, tests, painful surges of electricity, and a host of other unpleasant and torturous experiences. But based on what Williams recently told EW, Jefferson hopes it’ll be worth it if it keeps Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jennifer (China Anne McClain) out of harm’s way.

“For Jefferson, it’s always [about] trying to keep his family safe among the conflict,” said Williams. “The thing is he always wanted to keep his family out of this. So, he goes into real protective mode to make a sacrifice in order to try and keep his daughters out of it. That sacrifice is what really propels him at the beginning of the season. It kind of generates some anger.”

Watch the intense clip above.

Black Lightning returns for its third season Monday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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