Grease 2

Michelle Pfeiffer has been Catwoman in Batman Returns, Louanne in Dangerous Minds, Elvira in Scarface, and Madame de Tourvel in Dangerous Liaisons. Leave it to James Corden to hone in on Grease 2 when the three-time Oscar nominee appeared on The Late Late Show this week.

Pfeiffer, promoting her role in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, said it was “a total fluke” that she got the role of Stephanie, new leader of The Pink Ladies, in the 1982 sequel to the original Grease.

“I went on a lark,” the actress recalled. “My agent said, ‘Oh just go.’ I wasn’t a dancer, I wasn’t a singer, and I was in this short purple skirt with go go boots and we had the dancing auditions.”

She likens the experience to A Chorus Line, where “this line goes and then the next line goes.”

“I kept sneaking in the back and finally it was only me,” Pfeiffer said. But she got the role, and now we have Grease 2.

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Grease 2
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