Whoever is coming up with these previously recorded sketches on The Tonight Show, their mind works in mysterious ways.

After a NeverEnding Story sing song, after food-ordering with Brad Pitt, after “Hot Girl Fall” with Megan Thee Stallion, Jimmy Fallon now plays a super competitive game of Grape Chess (that’s Chess with grapes as pieces) with Jack White.

The pair dress up as gentleman playing a gentlemanly game do, but their good sportsmanship turns contentious once White realizes Fallon is beating him. Although, how could either of them tell when all the pieces look alike?

Fallon squashed the competition, so White squashed him.

The Tonight Show host has been recording a series of live episodes that aired this week, including his Donald Trump impersonation to address the explosive whistleblower scandal. Even live shows could use some recorded bits.

White’s band The Raconteurs reassembled this year to release their first album since 2008 with Help Us Stranger.

“It was just timing, we never broke up or anything,” bandmate Brendan Benson told EW. “There wasn’t some epiphany. I was busy producing and writing, Jack was busy with his solo career, and Patrick [Keeler, drummer] moved to Los Angeles. So when Patrick came to visit Nashville recently we got together and jammed; it was really fun and I think we actually recorded some stuff.”

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