It has been a long and torturous road for Dwight. First he had to watch his wife, Sherry, forcibly leave him for Negan. Then he had half his face burned off. Then Sherry full-on disappeared, and he’s been searching for her ever since — even crossing over from one show (The Walking Dead) to another (Fear the Walking Dead) to do so. But it appears as if his search may have been worth it after all.

In this exclusive clip showing the first few minutes of Fear’s season 5 finale, we see Dwight on the run, having decided not to stick around for the arrival of Virginia at Humbug’s Gulch. But it’s what happens to him after he falls that is of interest. It sounds like a voice on the other line of his radio is calling out to him; a voice Dwight believes belongs to none other than Sherry.

Is this, in fact, Dwight’s wife? If so, how close is she? And will we (and Dwight) see her in the flesh before the season comes to the close? Well, fortune does appear to finally be shining on poor Dwight, as he even finds a group of unattended horses ready to take him (and Sherry?) wherever they want to go.

Watch the clip for yourself above to see the possible Dwight and Sherry connection, and then tune into the Fear the Walking Dead season finale Sunday night on AMC to see what follows.

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