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October 16, 2019 at 05:11 PM EDT
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The Masked Singer is back with season 2, and this time around the clues will be even harder. Each week, put your best detective hat on to analyze all the clue packages and on-stage hints to figure out which celebrity is behind the mask. In the premiere, host Nick Cannon has already hinted that between the contestants there are “42 Grammy nods, 140 films, 35 no. 1 hits, 21 platinum records, and 22 Broadway shows” (and eight divorces, but take that with a grain of salt). Two of Time magazine’s most influential figures are contestants as well.

EW has compiled a master list of clues for each contestant, so check back here during each episode for updates, and guess along with us. And remember — a clue can be right on the mark or meant to throw viewers off, so stay sharp.


Clue package:

  • Has been waiting for “metamorphosis” this past year
  • Connections to London: “I’m terrified of the one place I used to call home”
  • Also supporting the London theme: pictures of Big Ben and a double-decker bus
  • Religious imagery: baptism, stained glass, a cross, “I’m here to take you to church, can I get an amen?”
  • London seen in the background (again)
  • “At the height of my career, I had everyone saying my name, but when I tried to spread my wings, I lost flight”
  • Mentioned rumors that heavily affected her life: “Everyone had something to say”
  • Seen looking in the mirror, which had cut-out words like “kind,” “not today Satan,” “feel,” “you can do it,” “please stop showing me memories of my ex” and more phrases on it
  • “As the butterfly, I can be any age, color, voice, or genre. No one can put me in a net or clip my wings ever again”

On stage:

  • Slender frame
  • Female singing voice, belted out “Bang Bang” by Jessie J and Ariana Grande
  • Has (or can mimic) a Southern accent: “Bless your heart … I’ve got a lot of soul in these wings”
  • Second solo performance: Sang “Livin’ On a Prayer” by Bon Jovi
  • Revealed that there was a mishap during rehearsals and she got electrocuted. Joked she “didn’t want to be dead on a prayer”
  • “I was good in school, but a rebel outside of school” and got a butterfly tattoo

Judges’ guesses: Cara Delevigne, Fantasia, Mel B, Diana Ross, Fantasia, Mel B, Twiggy, Leona Lewis


Clue package:

  • Snowy imagery, such as the snowglobe
  • Swan themes: Swan Lake music, stuffed swan animal
  • Potential figure skater: “You might figure that coming to The Masked Singer is a bit of a leap for me”
  • Spent years “being on top of the pyramid”
  • Sketches of dress design and skateboard
  • “I’m going for the gold”

On stage:

  • Male singing voice, performed Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”

Judges’ guesses: Johnny Weir, Adam Rippon, Jonathan Van Ness, Christian Siriano

Update: Egg was eliminated in the show’s premiere. Read our recap to learn their identity.


Clue package:

  • Rapped his clues
  • “I’m a gentle giant”
  • Magic themes: Has a “magic case” with wings and pulled out scarves and feathers
  • Puzzle piece imagery: “Puzzling question comes to mind”
  • Loves singing but “you may think that’s not my thing”
  • “I’m more than fashion shoots and a dream”
  • Image of sneakers
  • The number 4 on top of a cupcake
  • “All the stars led to this gig”
  • Revealed that singing has always been his first love
  • Three stuffed dolls shown 
  • “Don’t run with the bulls” — a reference to the Chicago Bulls, maybe?
  • Said a “Thingamajig’s real magic comes from within” as a magic wand and an American flag is shown
  • Described himself as “a big softie” who wears his heart on his sleeve

On stage:

  • Appears even taller than host Nick Cannon, who said he’s 6’1″
  • Male singing voice, sang “Easy” by the Commodores
  • Second solo performance: Sang “Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves
  • Judges remarked that all of the clues point to him being an athlete but his voice says otherwise
  • “My darkest moment was when I went to rehab”

Judges’ guesses: Michael Strahan, Steph Curry, Dennis Rodman, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Montell Jordan


Clue package:

  • Chose skeleton because “I have no fear of death”
  • Has “been around the block a few times, but I’m far from dead”
  • Maybe not known for leading roles: “I always provided support,” but “tired of playing second fiddle,” “I finally get that spotlight all to myself”
  • References to Saturday Night Live catchphrases: “Party on dudes,” “Wild and crazy party,” along with images of Christmas sweaters
  • “You see amigos, my life has been pretty great, but sometimes it feels like joint custody and I’m the deadbeat dad who only gets the kids on the weekend”
  • “The long and short of it is, ever since childhood, I felt overshadowed”
  • Shown as a puppet master as he says “being in the background let me be more instrumental in orchestrating those around me” — more references to instruments and not being in the main spotlight

On stage:

  • Appears shorter in stature
  • Male voice, performed Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”
  • Did comedic bits on stage
  • Second solo performance: Sang “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet
  • “I was once inducted into the National Black Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame”

Judges’ guesses: Jon Cryer, Nathan Lane, Martin Short, Dana Carvey, Teller, Paul Shaffer

Update: Skeleton was eliminated in episode 4. Read our exit interview to find out who it was.


Clue package:

  • TV game show set: “Welcome to spin your wheel”
  • “After a lifetime of drama, I can really use a little love and a lot of luck”
  • Appeared to be Brady Bunch-like grid with pictures of turkey leg, pumpkin, picture of a bridge, stuffed puppy toy, gavel, scorpion, skull, police car, and baseball bat
  • “Born into limelight,” had to keep track of “every piece of gossip and family feud”
  • Couldn’t win no matter how much they tried
  • The “chance to be anonymous” makes them feel like they won “a prize”
  • Wants to perform without “fear of being judged”

On stage:

  • Female singing voice, sang Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero”
  • Also used an exaggerated Southern accent, said they’ve “been through so much in my life”

Judges’ guesses: Lily Collins, Lindsay Lohan, Willow Smith, Jamie Lynn Spears


Clue package:

  • “Gotta look your best,” getting groomed, wearing gold chain
  • Football player or actor who played one? “Touched a pigskin under the Friday night lights”
  • Image of a record player
  • “Being a hungry competitor is actually how I rose to fame, it happened almost overnight” with shot of a bouquet of blue roses
  • Fantasy champion ring
  • Bitten by a Rottweiler as a kid
  • Wants to show “doubters it’s not over”
  • Bowtie is blinged out

On stage:

  • Male singing voice, sang “Maneater” by Hall & Oates
  • Said they’re “loyal” and have a “wait and see attitude”

Judges’ guesses: Russell Wilson, Brian Littrell, Nick Lachey, JC Chavez, Bruno Mars


Clue package:

  • Themes about an absence: “I love getting dolled up as your favorite tree, but when the season is over there’s no use for me,” (plus images of public storage); “such a shame that I spent so long in exile”
  • A one-hit wonder? “I sit wishing the world wouldn’t ignore that I’m more than just one thing that you know me for”
  • The number 30 is shown prominently in a shot outside the storage unit
  • Clip of the tree in an older model black and white TV set
  • Food/baking themes: “I could dish out more talents to make the world smile,” plus images of measuring cups and sugar; “I’m more than an expert in delicious treats, if you recall”
  • “Like the old entertainers who could do it all, so that’s why I’m here to jazz up my career”
  • This is their “first live performance”

On stage:

  • Female singing voice, sang “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco
  • Said “I’m festive and fun, and I like everyone together” and to “have a good time”

Judges’ guesses: Beverly D’Angelo, Zooey Deschanel, Rachael Ray, Wendi McLendon-Covey

Ice Cream

Clue package:

  • “Every day is cheat day” (cheat codes, perhaps?)
  • Showed him in a mansion with lots of cash flying around
  • Growing up “caught flak for doing the things that I liked the most, no one thought I could amount to much, even my mom and dad had their doubts”
  • “But I believed in my ridiculous dreams, and I turned my fantasy into a reality, I’ve got over a billion reasons to be proud” (could mean billion viewers or followers)
  • Lots of gold coins shown
  • They karate-chopped a cement block and do an air-punch
  • “Used to performing in front of millions,” held up headphones next to their ears
  • “Being here is a game changer because I’m behind a different kind of mask,” bodyguards wearing emoji masks, throwing cash at Ice Cream, doing backup dances
  • Wants to take “this competition to the next level”

On stage:

  • Performed “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Said “I’m sweet and everybody loves me”

Judges’ guesses: Rob Dyrdek, Calvin Harris, Snapchat co-creator Evan Spiegel, Marshmello

Update: Ice Cream was eliminated in the show’s premiere. Read our exit interview to learn their identity. (Hint: none of the judges got it.)

Black Widow

Clue package:

  • “Hide in plain sight, when they strike you know it”
  • A painting of a peach (are they from Georgia?)
  • A film slate shown, reference to a “director’s cut of my life” and “deleted scenes”
  • A crown, “Welcome to my empire” 
  • “More alien than you know me to be” 
  • “I’m here to curl my way to the top and spin a web around the competition to win the golden mask”
  • Since she was young, had to “embody a squeaky clean image” but never felt that she “fit the part”
  • Seen knitting a scarf
  • Has had a career that’s taken on “all different shapes” — a record and a TV is shown
  • Said she likes that she doesn’t have to pretend on The Masked Singer, because all we know about her is “my voice and my badonkadonk”

On stage:

  • Female singing voice, sang Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”
  • Said “I like to hide until it’s time to feast”
  • Second solo performance: Sang “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood
  • Was wearing a sling, remarked that “spiders shouldn’t ride hoverboards”
  • “I never went to prom, but I pretended to” — someone who performed in the musical The Prom, perhaps?

Judges’ guesses: Amber Riley, Yvette Nicole Brown, Sherri Shepherd, Raven-Symoné, Christina Aguilera, Tatyana Ali


Clue package:

  • Taller than 6’1 Cannon 
  • I am adaptable and can survive anywhere
  • I know what it’s like to be at the top
  • “Heavy-hitter, no one can catch me”
  • Reference to tabloids, what they’re wearing and relationships
  • Showed a clock, and newspaper with the headline “Out of hits, out of time”
  • Bedroom set with men wearing nightcaps and pillow fighting
  • Said that after all his years at the top, it was “humbling” to go to the Smack Down last time
  • Wants to prove he’s a “primetime champion”
  • “Wasn’t born a winner” and “wasn’t always wanted” 
  • A baby in a basket is shown being left on the doorsteps of a building with 1963 on it — the year Flamingo was born, perhaps?
  • Men with bunny ears and suits shown, with a newspaper on a table bearing the headline “Finding Your Place”
  • “I have lived my life in color” and “no matter what the world labels you, it’s never too late to flip the script”

On stage:

  • Male sounding voice, sang “Somebody to Love” by Queen
  • Appeared several inches taller than Cannon
  • “Hit on” Cannon onstage, said “Leopards can be fierce and yet so divine”
  • Second solo performance: Sang “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes
  • “At one point, I was an engineer, but what some of you might not know is that I once served fast food.”

Judges’ guesses: Billy Porter, Robbie Williams, Jamie Foxx, RuPaul, Neil Patrick Harris


Clue package: 

  • Pink set
  • “Zootube channel,” video screen seen onscreen
  • Boombox, pink belt shown
  • “I’m gonna let you in on all my tips and tricks” – makeup, life advice, etc
  • Knows what it’s “like to be trapped in career”
  • “Here to take control of my DESTINY”
  • Held a fluorescent tube light
  • “About time this badass birdie got to show her feathers again”
  • “Being [on this show] is so dope. It reminds me of when I first started out — I went from hood rat to Hollywood triple threat.”
  • Seen holding an apple as she talks about her “humble beginnings”
  • A boombox is shown again, as is an old-timey gas station
  • Said she was discovered by “a powerful wizard”
  • After some “highs and lows” she wants to find the passion she used to have

On stage:

  • Female voice, sang Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker”
  • “Flamingos are a symbol of very luxurious vacations”
  • Second solo performance: Sang “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins, with lots of choreography
  • Judges praised her showstopping (and opening) performance
  • “When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. I even attended a medical training school.”

Judges’ guesses: Olivia Jade, Kandi Burruss, Tia Mowry, Ally Brooke, Adrienne Bailon



Clue package: 

  • Dedicated clue package to “Papa Bear”
  • Said that the panda reminded them of their dad’s strength
  • Jungle/forest theme
  • Says shyness is a virtue, don’t need to come into the room “banging your chest”
  • Came from “famous family in the forest”
  • Loves to sing, other contestants won’t be “a match”
  • Book with “Cooking Like Momma Does” on it
  • A bee is shown

On stage:

  • Lower female voice, sang “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson
  • “I’m lovable but fierce”

Judges’ guesses: Queen Latifah, Ronda Rousey, Martha Stewart, Serena Williams

Update: Panda was eliminated in episode 2. Read our recap to learn their identity.


Clue package:

  • Becoming the flower is a “natural arrangement”
  • Has done everything from “cooking to clothing to craft”
  • “Done everything to the nine” and gets dolled up everywhere they go
  • The second contestant to reference an “empire”
  • “Vision of love on this stage, but what’s love got to do with it anyways?”
  • Sunglasses and a doctorate shown

On stage:

  • Shorter than Cannon
  • Very soulful voice
  • Said what makes her the flower is that she “is beautiful and smells so good”
  • Female voice, sang “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton

Judges’ guesses: Jessie J, Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Hudson, Bjork


Clue package:

  • Classroom set, mentions being “studious and intelligent”
  • Had a serious health scare and loss of a parent recently
  • Says they “spent so much time listening to other people’s stories”
  • Hangs out with rockstars
  • Rockabilly, motorcycle-vibe 

On stage:

  • “Tall and slim” according to the judges
  • Sang “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” by Meat Loaf

Judges’ guesses: Bret Michaels, Howard Stern, Pauly Shore, Craig Ferguson

Update: Eagle was eliminated in episode 3. Read our exit interview to learn who was under the mask.


Clue package:

  • “In my DNA to strive for my voice to be heard”
  • They’ve been told they’re “not pretty, smart or funny enough”
  • News show seen on a television with “Career on ice” as a headline
  • “I’m gonna sing for those of us who dare to be different”
  • Protestor in video seen with “I’m not your secretary” signs

On stage:

  • Short in stature
  • “Everything is not as black and white as it seems”
  • Female voice, sang “The Middle” by Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey

Judges’ guesses: Melissa McCarthy, Megan Mullally, Kathy Griffin, Sherri Shepherd


Clue package:

  • Fairy tale-themed clue package
  • “Done best work at night,” dabbled in many different genres
  • From “Doogie to Doubtfire,” lived two different lives
  • On-air superhero persona, and who they are at home
  • Comic book strips flashed on screen

On stage:

  • Judges remark that they have “a performer’s presence”
  • “I’m quick, I refuse to be caged in, and I’m crafty”
  • Male voice, sang “This Love” by Maroon 5

Judges’ guesses: Leslie Odom Jr., Anthony Mackie, Tyrese Gibson, Jamie Foxx

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