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SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Wednesday’s live finale of Big Brother.

Sixteen players walked into the Big Brother house this summer in the hopes of winning $500,000 and not getting roasted too badly by the Zingbot. But only one would walk out with the money.

Server Jackson Michie, wine safari guide Holly Allen, and preschool aide Nicole Anthony were the last three players standing, and all went into finale night with a shot at the title, even if Nicole appeared to be outnumbered by the showmance pair alongside her. In the end, it was indeed Jackson who was crowned the champion of season 21, beating Holly in a jury vote.

After Jackson won part one of the final Head of Household competition, Holly and Nicole squared off in a part two memory–rock climbing wall challenge, which Holly won easily. That set up a live matchup between Jackson and Holly, which really didn’t matter since whoever won was clearly going to take the other one to the end. Jackson won the challenge (which involved separating true and false facts from the jurors) and then elected to bring Holly with him to the final two, ending the game of fan-favorite Nicole, but at least providing us with one more incredible Nicole moment.

The suspense was pretty much over at that point as Jackson cruised to an easy victory. Stay tuned for our full recap as well as interviews with the final 3.

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