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It sounds like a bad sitcom or some movie starring Steve Guttenberg. A woman has a baby but because it was with a dude she is not dating, and because there is another dude she is dating, and because there is yet another dude who wishes they were dating, said baby ends up having three de facto dads.

But it’s not a bad sitcom. Nor it is it a Steve Guttenberg movie. Instead, that is the situation happening over in Alexandria for season 10 of The Walking Dead. Baby Coco has arrived! The question is, how are mother Rosita, father Siddiq, boyfriend Gabriel, and unrequited love Eugene going to handle this unique situation? We asked showrunner Angela Kang exactly that.

“It’s so much fun for us to kind of deal with this love quadrangle,” Kang says. “In the apocalypse, it’s really a version of, it takes a village. It really truly does. And this is just the most kind of overt and strange version of it.”

Kang notes that the situation will yield both dramatic and comedic possibilities: “It’s three men and Rosita and this child. And as dramatic as the show is in general, they’re all very strong with some comedic stuff too. So, that’s been just kind of an interesting and fun flavor. But there’s also a lot of emotion involved because you’re dealing with one of our most vulnerable people in the community — a baby who’s innocent and needs the protection of parents and community in the midst of this Whisperer war that’s going on, which is really intense.”

Lest you think the quadrangle will just be a minor diversion in the upcoming season, Kang hints that what happens with Team Coco will play a major role in what transpires in season 10. “There’s just some really cool stuff that happens between these four characters who kind of entered this very strange alliance as a family unit,” says Kang, “and there’s some real depth of care and friendship and emotion amongst all of them that I think leads to some really memorable moments in the season. And there are some interesting plot twists and turns within that as well. I’m excited for people to see how it unfolds.”

Season 10 of The Walking Dead premieres Oct. 6 on AMC.

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