She gets an assist from a dog in a vest and Tariq from The Roots, naturally

By Rachel Yang
September 24, 2019 at 12:19 AM EDT

Hot Girl Summer” is more than a hit song — it’s a meme, a higher calling, a way of life. And while many came up with names for its fall replacement — Christian Girl Autumn, Clown Boy Fall, Marie J. Blige’s “Bad Bitch Fall” — Megan Thee Stallion is here to say you can be a hot girl any time of year.

The rapper behind summer’s hottest phrase performed its seasonal update “Hot Girl Fall” alongside Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Monday night. Decked out in matching orange tracksuits with Fallon, Megan also rocked her signature crop top, shorts, and boots.

“I’m here to tell you that the weather may be getting cooler, but we’re just heating up,” she proclaimed, before letting us all know that she and “J-Fal” were here to make it clear.

“After Hot Girl Summer comes Hot Girl Fall,” The Houston rapper continued. “It’s finally here, it’s the season to get cozy with a pumpkin ass beer, grab a cable knit scarf, hang your chunkiest sweater, cuz the summer was dope, but the fall’s even better.”

Fallon then posed the question we’ve all been wondering: Can men be Hot Girls too?

“Um, of course, Hot Girl Fall is for everyone,” Megan replied. Phew, we were worried. “Hot Girl is a statement of mind, it’s a jack-o’-lantern filled to the brim with wine. It’s sending sexy pics of your turkey breast, it’s you and your dog getting matching vests,” she added.

Then entered Tariq Trotter — a.k.a. The Roots’ Black Thought — with a killer verse about why he loves autumn.

“I wear one pattern and nothin else. Plaid shirt, plaid belt, plaid pants, and plaid kilt,” he rapped, at one point wearing roughly 50 layers of plaid and fall-friendly attire. From gingham to houndstooth, he owns them all. “I got plaid inside my veins.”

Megan certainly approved. “That’s a plaid king right there,” she quipped.

Finally, Fallon signed off with the most bad-ass order to the viewer: “Get your flu shots, motherf—ers.”

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