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Who saw that coming?

In Tuesday’s episode of Mayans M.C., it was revealed that EZ’s family is a lot bigger than anyone — including golden boy himself — was expecting. But first, a SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read any further unless you’ve seen the latest episode of the FX drama.

Felipe, does Dita have news for you! It turns out that the once-secret relationship between these two characters — played by Edward James Olmos and Ada Maris — produced a son. And that son is… Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino)! We checked in with executive producer and co-creator Elgin James about how long he’s had this twist in the works and whether EZ (J.D. Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) are going to find out sooner (or way later) about their half-brother.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How long have you been masterminding this little twist, Elgin?
ELGIN JAMES: It happens that way with [co-creator] Kurt Sutter and the way that we run the writers’ room. It’s always pretty organic. If something comes up and feels right or sticks around in a crevice in our brain, then we know that it’s something. We didn’t plan it far back. But with everything going on and trying to unravel the mystery of Felipe and Dita’s relationship this year, it just sort of seemed organic that could happen. I mean really, the performance by Ada Maris this season and in episode four is just incredible.

So just to be clear, when you launched this show in 2018, you had no intention of revealing EZ and Miguel as potential brothers?
Not at all. We were still trying to figure out who the characters were. We had the ideas when I first came up with them and brought them to Kurt and he made them into what they are now. But then you have the actors who bring this whole other magic to it. Originally Miguel was more of a clear-cut antagonist, and now that’s been blurred some. We feel for him. He has empathy. That’s all Danny Pino. That is Danny Pino’s performance and what he’s brought to this character. Nothing is forbidden in the writers’ room. You can go down any avenue you want. And then we just took a stroll down to “hey, what if they are brothers?” And that’s where we ended up.

What happened in the room when somebody brought that up? Did you all go “Ooh!??”
Oh, yeah. Sometimes you go “Oh, yeah!” because you think that’s it and then it’s just a hangover later. You’re like, “No, that’s absolutely bats— crazy.” It sounded good in the moment. This one was like, “Oh!” And then you’re worried whether this is going to be crazy or is it just the right amount of crazy? I mean crazy like, not to be wild or not trying to be shocking, but just felt like this is unexpected. But it just stayed really, really exciting for us. And then knowing what we could do with that, like how we can unpack that for, hopefully, many seasons to come.

So how quickly will we find out more about Dita’s relationship with Felipe?
You’re going to learn this season. You’ll learn pretty quickly. Ada and Eddie have just been electric. That’s what a lot of this show is, just trying to figure out where our chemistry is and putting two characters together to see what happens.

So how long before Miguel, EZ, and Angel know?
It goes back to it feeling organic and how we can unravel it in a way that feels right and makes sense in this world. Everyone will just have to wait to see! And what a bummer to be Clayton, right? First off, you have to deal with having JD Pardo as a brother, and then now you’re going to bring in Danny Pino, the only person nearly as handsome as JD. Poor Clayton. I mean, Clayton is a good-looking guy. Don’t get me wrong. But Danny’s Miguel is an overachiever, quite similar to EZ.

How does Dita feel these days about Miguel?
I think she loves Miguel so much. I think she loves Emily. It’s just a little more complicated between cultures and generations and everything. She is also worried.

So is Miguel going to keep a tail on his mom?
I think Miguel is having a hard time this season trying to figure out who he can trust. I think he is also full of love and the show is really about family. Now we have an extra member we didn’t know about! But yeah, he’s of a suspicious nature. So I think he’ll be trying to keep tabs on everybody.

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.


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