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What’s a show about murder without a little sex? (And, sure, maybe some true love for good measure.)

How to Get Away With Murder has matched every one of its juicy killer moments with equally as compelling romantic story lines, pairing off its characters in numerous iterations over the seasons. Whether we’ve watched Laurel (Karla Souza) deal with the loss of Wes (Alfred Enoch) or celebrated Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver’s (Conrad Ricamora) wedding, the show has given us plenty of romantic relationships to invest in, ship, or yearn for their demise.

As the show’s final season launches Sept. 26 on ABC, many of these relationships hang in the balance: Will Connor and Oliver make it after everything they’ve been through? Will Bonnie (Liza Weil) ever allow herself romantic happiness? Will Asher (Matt McGorry) get over Michaela (Aja Naomi King) or fight to win her back from Gabriel (Rome Flynn)?

Creator Pete Nowalk already promised EW many answers in this regard. “They’re scared and desperate, so they’re clinging to each other for moments of joy, for moments of pleasure, for love, so every one of those relationships we’re going to finish and tell the audience how they end,” he said. “We’re going to explore Michaela and Gabriel still, and how Asher feels about that. We’re going to learn a lot more about how Frank feels about Laurel, how Laurel feels about him, how Bonnie factors into that.”

But the cast has weighed in now too, and in short, happily-ever-after isn’t looking likely. The healthiest and longest-lasting relationship on the series has always been Connor and Oliver, fondly dubbed Colliver by fans, but even that bond, now sealed in matrimony, will face its challenges this season. “The reality of the situation now is that these two men are just very different men than when they met each other and fell in love,” teases Falahee. “You start to see Oliver go off the rails a little bit and that scares Connor. Their reckless decision-making catches up with them, and you start to see that creating tension in the relationship. With the disappearance of Laurel and Christopher, you see that really affect Connor especially and create more and more emotional strife between the two of them.”

He ends with a rather ominous question: “Will they survive? And if they survive, will they stay together?”

While Connor and Oliver are fan favorites, there are plenty of other relationships to plumb in the final episodes as well. Billy Brown, who plays Nate, has had on-again, off-again flings with Annalise (Viola Davis), but for his part, he hopes Nate doesn’t get a romantic conclusion. “This isn’t the Hallmark channel,” he quips.

Last season, Frank was fixated on Laurel and trying to be a better man for her and her baby, but with Laurel missing, it leaves Frank a single man once more, for better or worse. And with Bonnie still trying to recover from the weight of her sins, Annalise’s closest confidantes could finally find solace in each other after circling around it for years. “Frank and Bonnie are kindred spirits, and whatever that looks like, whatever that bond is, I’d like to see it developed,” Weber teases. “I love Frank very much. He’s very misguided; he’s not an evil man. But you can’t live your life like that and have a happy ending. That’s a little too convenient. What is happiness to Frank and Bonnie? What does that even look like?”

Liza Weil is fairly quiet on the subject of any possible romance for Bonnie, simply saying, “We’ll see what doors open in that direction.”

That leaves the love triangle of Asher, Michaela, and Gabriel. For Asher’s part, he’s still very much nursing the wound of their break-up. “Underneath it all, [he] is a very sensitive individual and has been alone in a lot of his life, so when he forms connections, it does mean a lot to him,” explains McGorry. “It is likely that he’s still harboring feelings and his jealousy and insecurity will play a role in that too — in terms of how he’s responding to the situation.”

Asher says a lot is also going to depend on how serious Gabriel and Michaela are, or whether it remains a hook-up for her. “If you have a partner you used to be with, if that partner is casually hooking up with someone else, it might affect you differently than if the person was deeply invested in another person,” he teases. “It’s a safe bet to say Asher is going to have some feelings.”

Aja Naomi King says the show will absolutely explore Gabriel and Michaela’s burgeoning romance further, but as always on this show, their secrets and lies might get in the way. “The complexity of a relationship is always built on trust, and I don’t know if there’s a lot of that here,” hints Rome Flynn. “But at the same time, what you don’t know won’t hurt you, so I hope something happens where they come together and then answers get revealed that creates a complex situation where [it’s a question of] ‘Is it love or is it revenge?'”

That’s a question everyone on this show could be asking at one time or another.

How to Get Away With Murder returns for its final season Thursday, Sept. 26 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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