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Aron Eisenberg, who played Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has died at age 50, his wife Malissa Longo confirms via Facebook. Eisenberg passed on Saturday, though Longo did not specify the cause of his death.

“It is with extreme regret and sadness to announce that my love and best friend, Aron Eisenberg, passed away earlier today,” Longo captioned a collage of photos of them together.

She added, “He was an intelligent, humble, funny, emphatic soul. He sought to live his life with integrity and truth. He was so driven to put the best he had into whatever work was put before him. He lived his life with such vigor and passion. He was like a breath of fresh air, because I knew I would always hear the truth from him. Even if I didn’t want to hear it and even if the truth was inconvenient.” documented Eisenberg’s journey getting a kidney transplant in 2015, he was born with only one defective kidney. He had a second kidney transplant after the one documented in the article wasn’t successful. It is not known if these ongoing medical issues played a part in his death.

The Hollywood-born actor joined the Star Trek universe in 1993 with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine until the series’ conclusion in 1999. He made brief appearances in 1995’s Star Trek: Voyager and 2017’s Star Trek: Renegades.

His last appearance was in the Eric Balfour-directed Walk to Vegas in 2019.

Star Trek star Robert Picard shared a tribute to the actor via social media on Sunday.Tweets by RobertPicardo

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