By Maureen Lee Lenker
September 22, 2019 at 12:00 PM EDT
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As more secrets have been revealed on each season of How to Get Away With Murder, it’s become evident that Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) did not select the Keating Five for their legal prowess.

Instead, she seems to have a shadowy connection to each of them, whether it be ties to the murder of their mother (looking at you Wes) or some fascination with a noted criminal family (oh hi, Laurel). The only members of the Keating Five who have yet to discover their links to Annalise are Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Connor (Jack Falahee) — and at the end of season 5, it was revealed Annalise knew Michaela’s birth father in some capacity.

We’re going to hit the ground running on that subject in the final season of the ABC series. “It becomes more and more clear why Annalise chose Michaela pretty early on in this season,” Falahee tells EW.

At one time Michaela idolized Annalise and wanted to be her. But this revelation could fracture their already rocky relationship further. “Michaela has been so in the dark with her,” explains King. “Any time you have a very close and challenging relationship with someone, when more information gets revealed, it really tests your relationship. That is what will happen for Michaela. It will be a test of relationships with multiple people.”

Of course, being the odd man out isn’t going to sit well with Connor. His guilt and own insecurities have already made him near obsessed why he was chosen. It’s only going to get worse now that Michaela finally has some answers. “That aggravates Connor more, and he lusts after that answer a little bit more this season,” teases Falahee. “Especially now that we know why she chose Laurel and Wes and Asher to a degree. It definitely is something that starts to drive him a little crazy, and you see the fallout of that throughout.”

King is quick to defend some of Michaela’s more questionable Annalise-esque life choices, more of which might be in store. “Michaela has sacrificed some of her morals to protect people that may not be as deserving of her protection as they think they are, so she is stepping more into an Annalise role in attempting to constantly protect others and think ahead of the game and do the thing no one else wants to do for the betterment of everyone around,” she stresses. “I would call that brave. Michaela has become more and more bold and brave and kudos to her for stepping up when no one else would.”

For the rest of the Keating Five Four, consequences will be the name of the game. “We’re going to see the repercussions of a lot of the decisions he’s made over the five seasons, and they’re going to come together in a way where he’s going to be scraping around the ashes of the burned bridges he’s ridden across,” Matt McGorry teases of Asher’s final journey. “We’re going to see a lot of fallout from what’s been happening in previous seasons and things people have gotten away with.”

How to Get Away With Murder returns to ABC for its final season on Thursday, Sept. 26 at 10 p.m.

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