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There were many moments that caught fans’ eyes after the unveiling of The Walking Dead season 10 trailer, but the one that may have garnered the biggest reaction was when Michonne and Ezekiel locked lips.

While the two were a couple in The Walking Dead comic book, the TV adaptation had appeared to go in a different direction. Instead of Michonne and Ezekiel being paired up, the former ended up with Rick while the latter married Carol, leading fans to believe the characters’ romantic paths would never cross. But then Rick disappeared to only God (and Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple) knows where, while Carol and Ezekiel broke up. Then came the big smooch in the trailer.

What can showrunner Angela Kang tell us about the apparent romance between Michonne and Ezekiel, especially with this upcoming season being Danai Gurira’s last? Not much. “I feel like there’s not much I can say about it without spoiling some major story points,” Kang responds. “I’ll just say that these are emotional times for our characters and things happen and the story will take an interesting turn.”

But how does Kang feel the shippers will react to a potential Michonne and Ezekiel union? “The shippers don’t mess around,” concedes Kang. “I mean, basically anything we do that’s in the romantic realm — even if it’s not the romantic realm, like two people are just together in a scene — there’s going to be people who are angry, or really happy, or kind of happy but angry at the same time.”

So how does the showrunner deal with that feedback? “With all of it, we really are just kind of seeing where it feels the characters lead us and where the story goes, and hopefully we’re entertaining people,” says Kang. “But we can’t speculate too much because otherwise we’d just be stuffed in one sort of storytelling, and that wouldn’t make people happy either. So, we’re just trying to keep it moving, keep it interesting.”

We also asked Kang about that other gasp-inducing moment of the trailer, when Michonne picks up Lucille in a very Negan-esque manner, to which the showrunner was also predictably tight-lipped: “I cannot really say much about that. Just please watch. We know that this is Danai’s final season and there’s going to be some really cool epic s—, is what I can say.”

The really cool epic s— begins Oct. 6 on AMC.

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