In this exclusive first look at season 2, host Mark L. Walberg grills the four couples about why they've come to 'Temptation Island'

If there’s one thing we learned from last season of Temptation Island, it’s that there’s no way to predict where couples will end up based on how they interact in week one. (Shout-out to Shari and Javen!) Keep that in mind as you watch this exclusive first look at season 2 of the USA reboot, in which host Mark L. Walberg grills the four new couples about why they’ve come to the Island.

“This is a unique opportunity to show here that I’m not a totally different person when I’m out of her sight,” says David, who came to the Island with his girlfriend of three years, Katie. Awww, that’s sweet. But then things get awkward: Walberg asks a woman named Ashley G. if any of Temptation Island’s singles appeal to her, and she goes on to praise a guy named KB… even though Rick, her on-and-off boyfriend of 4 years, is sitting right next to her. “He wants to have a family soon, and he wants to get married,” gushes Ashley G. of KB. “He’s all about commitment.” The whole thing makes Rick “a bit uneasy.”

Perhaps the most uneasy contestant of all is Ashley H., who has major trust issues and is, in her own words, “emotional all the time.” She starts crying even as Casey, her boyfriend of one-and-a-half years, tells Walberg that he’s going to miss her when they’re apart. Girl, it’s day one — get it together! Actually, never mind. It’ll be better TV if you don’t. Watch the full preview and then let me know in the comments if you’ll be joining me on Temptation Island this season.

Temptation Island season 2 premieres Thursday, Oct. 10 at 10 p.m. on USA.

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