If you see Brad Pitt at a restaurant, don’t politely order him a drink — or a seafood tower, a three-tier wedding cake, and a single red M&M.

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon learned that the hard way in a comedic skit that aired during Thursday night’s episode of the talk series.

The segment begins as Fallon — enjoying a meal alone at a table — receives a cocktail from the Ad Astra star, who’s reading a book at the bar across the room. The pair then tries to outdo each other with increasingly elaborate gifts, including a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, 30 hot dogs, orange juice with toothpaste, a bucket of tater tots, a stack of pancakes, and calcium chews.

Finally, when the establishment runs out of food, Fallon receives one final gift from Pitt: “Courtesy of the gentleman at the window,” the waiter tells him before handing him an enormous check while Pitt flips Fallon the bird and flees the scene.

Watch Pitt’s full skit from The Tonight Show above.

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