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Cliff Hogg believes in handshake deals. Unfortunately, that means he also believed that Michie would honor his and take Cliff to the Big Brother final three over his own girlfriend if he won the final veto. Unfortunately, that naiveté ultimately cost Cliff the game.

After pushing Nicole to keep Michie’s showmance partner Holly instead of Tommy for the final four, Cliff then watched Michie do what every single other person in the world knew he would do and bring Holly along to the final three instead of the big likable guy in the cowboy hat with challenge wins who could possibly beat him.

What was Cliff thinking?!? We asked the freshly evicted houseguest that and more on his way to the jury house, including if he would have honored his end of the bargain and taken Michie to the final three, how he thinks he would have done against Nicole at the end, and who he is most looking forward to seeing on the jury.

Cliff Hogg
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You told Nicole that you made a deal with Michie that you would bring each other to the final 3 if you won the veto and that you intended to honor it. Would you have brought him to the final 3 had you won the veto?
CLIFF HOGG: Yes, I would have. I spent a sleepless night trying to decide if I would honor my word versus potentially giving myself a better final 3 for myself and Nicole, and in the end, I would have honored my word and take Michie with me.

What ever made you think he would take you over his girlfriend?
That is a question I am asking myself now. We have spent a lot of time over the season talking about honor, the value of handshakes, and I trusted him, more than I should have. Up to that point, he hadn’t done anything that made me think I couldn’t trust him, but he had me fooled.

You tried to convince Michie that his best move would be to send Holly to jury to champion his cause while you and Nicole would not vote for him against Holly at the end. Do you think he seriously considered that at all before sending you out?
I hope he seriously considered it because I believed in the arguments I was making both ways. I know someone like Michie, perhaps feeling pushed, was in a hurry to push back instead of considering those repercussions. But I was hoping I could get through to him on those points.

Do you think he made the best game move by voting you out?
No. I think the question of a bitter juror should have made him think twice about sending me out the door over Holly.

Do you now regret keeping Holly around instead of Tommy?
Hindsight is 20/20. I was worried that if I kept Tommy, I would have Tommy, who is a big memory threat and Michie, who is a big physical threat, and having to compete against both. I also did fear Tommy and his connection with Christie, and the stacked jury towards Tommy. I feared that Tommy and Michie might have been working together before and perhaps link up again, making me an odd man out.

How do you think you would have done in a final 2 against Nicole had you two made it to the end together?
That’s a good question because as Nicole racked up wins towards the end, she built up a much better resume. I would have argued I was a fighter from the beginning and I could have argued for the victory.

Finally, which jury member are you most looking forward to seeing?
I’m looking forward to seeing Tommy. I consider him a friend. I’m also looking forward to seeing Kat. I really like her but she didn’t leave the house on the best of terms with me so I feel bad about that.

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