Nearly 25 years after David Spade got inked by Sean Penn on Saturday Night Live, the comedian has come back for more. This time around, Spade chose the initials C.F. to honor the late, great Chris Farley, Spade’s former SNL castmate.

“I was thinking of all these Farley stories lately,” Spade says in a clip from Wednesday’s episode of his late-night series Lights Out. “And then, I’ve been connected with him for years and years, so I thought, might as well just stay connected with him through a tattoo, so I appreciate you doing it.”

Spade seems apprehensive at first, but we can’t blame him after Penn himself admits he’s rusty. “My eyes have deteriorated quite a bit,” Penn says. “I haven’t touched one of these guns in 15 or 20 years.”

The actor even jokes that he owned a tattoo parlor called Sean’s Okay Tattoos, because his work was “at best, okay.”

“I think he went rogue. Jesus Christ, it’s Jason Bourne,” Spade remarks after Penn’s gun wanders off course.

“There’s gonna be so much corrective work to do,” Penn quips.

For all Spade’s wincing, though, the tattoo, in all its serif glory, looks pretty decent.

Penn appeared on Lights Out to promote his new book, Bob Honey Sings Jimmy Crack Corn. Spade also got to share a funny — and not very PG — story about Farley, who died in 1997 at age 33. The two’s tenures on SNL overlapped for five seasons, from 1990 to 1995.

As Spade tells it, back when he shared offices with Farley, Chris Rock, and Adam Sandler, they were all looking at a Playboy centerfold. They left to do a read-through, and a minute later Farley joined them, telling Spade to come back to the office.

“So we all go back there and he had my Playboy out, and he jizzed all over it,” Spade recalls. “Didn’t see that coming, folks. Surprise ending.”

But seeing all the others “staring at him like he’s crazy,” Farley realized what he did was bad, Spade reminisces, proceeding to do his Farley impression. “And I go, ‘We were gone for a minute.’ And he goes, ‘I can jizz in a minute.’ So, anyway, he goes, ‘David, please don’t tell anyone.’ I go, ‘I won’t tell anyone for 25 years unless it’s Sean.’”

Lights Out With David Spade premiered in July on Comedy Central. Watch the clip above to see Penn at work.

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