Between all the characters on Kroll Show and all the ones he voices on Big Mouth, Nick Kroll knows how to pull off an impression. That made Jimmy Fallon's latest edition of Wheel of Impressions on The Tonight Show Wednesday enjoyable to watch.

Kroll tackled Jason Statham, Pitbull, and even helped Fallon out with his Jerry Seinfeld impression, but there were added criteria for each one.

The comedian pulled off Statham talking about Troll dolls and how he wants to "crack off their f—ing heads" and Pitbull talking about flu shots and how "germs are going worldwide, baby." He then complemented Fallon's Seinfeld with his own George Costanza rendition.

Kroll's Big Mouth returns to Netflix with season 3 this Oct. 4, and the streaming platform recently released a new trailer showing off new characters and voice talent — including the Fab Five in animated form.

Later on The Tonight Show, Kroll resurrected his Hormone Monster voice to become Fallon's own Hormone Monster. "Jimmy, this is exciting. Don't stand up from your desk, you still have an erection from being Seinfeld before," he joked. "You've got a Seinfeld boner and you're about to blast in your pants, Jimmy."

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