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While The Walking Dead jumped ahead twice during season 9, the show also went back in time on occasion to both fill in the blanks on what happened during that second time-jump and also offer an origin story for the new villain in Alpha.

With that in mind, we asked showrunner Angela Kang if we could expect some more flashbacks when the zombie drama returns for season 10 Oct. 6 on AMC. “Yes, I will say that there’s some flashbacks this season,” confirms Kang. “One of the things we were kind of dealing with in the season has to do with illusion and people’s fears and what’s real, what’s not, the weight of the past on people. So, we’ll definitely see some windows into the past that kind of shed light on the present. It should be interesting.”

Those comments coupled with some brief images from the season 10 trailer indicate we may see Sidiq struggling with some flashbacks of when he was captured by the Whisperers at the festival. But Angela also notes the flashbacks will extend beyond just that. “There is some other stuff going on,” she hints. “There’s some pretty cool stuff, I think.”

One of the biggest changes that came with Kang taking over showrunning duties in season 9 was a brand new, animated title sequence. The showrunner notes that while season 10 will not have a completely new look as last year did, there will be some differences.

“While there will not be as drastic a change in season 10, there will be some tweaks for the new season,” Kang says. “For the title sequence, we did our big change for the previous season since that was the time-jump season and there was so much that changed. There will be some new stuff for title sequences, but I’ll say that it’s not going to be as drastic a shift as we made when we jumped time.”

Like last year, there will be some clues hidden within the new title sequence as well: “Yeah, there will be some fun little Easter eggs and things that are new within the titles.”

Happy hunting when The Walking Dead returns Oct. 6 on AMC.

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