Credit: Leon Neal/Getty Images

If it was your last day on Earth, who would you hook up with?

Dating app Tinder’s first original scripted series is going to match singles based on what they would do if the world was coming to end.

EW has learned some exclusive details about the dating app’s first venture into scripted content, which made headlines when Reuters broke the news of its existence on Monday.

The app is launching a six-episode “choose your own adventure” series with a post-apocalyptic scenario. Viewers will swipe left/right to make pivotal choices for the story’s character (like in the Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch).

Except instead of merely controlling the storyline, choices will also be used to pair the viewer with another single who exhibits similar priorities and morals.

The project is a dramatic experiment in the way dating apps pair partners — using semi-traditional scripted entertainment to find matches rather than just the usual bathroom mirror selfies and vague descriptions.

Totaling about 20 minutes in length, the series is from music video director Karena Evans.

The move is also the latest usage of viewer-driven narrative content, which Netflix broke out into the mainstream with its five-hour Bandersnatch film last December.