By Nick Romano
September 17, 2019 at 09:16 AM EDT

Kamala Harris is now the second Democratic presidential hopeful for 2020 to Slow Jam the News.

The Senator from California appeared on The Tonight Show Monday night and joined in Jimmy Fallon‘s popular segment, which previously also played host to Mayor Pete Buttigieg (he’s the first 2020 Democratic hopeful), former President Barack Obama, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

“Ever since Barack left, we’ve been off track,” Black Thought from The Roots sings. “But Kamala’s trying to get us back to black.”

When Harris called climate change “the single greatest threat facing our world today” and vowed to put an end to fracking, Fallon chimed in, “Mamala Kamala just don’t give a frack. She took a good look at Mother Earth and decided it’s a MILF, a mother I’d like to fix.”

Harris continued to talk about how she would wipe the floor with President Trump if they ever found themselves debating and how she hopes to make college debt free for everyone. As Black Thought put it, “Kamala dropped a bomb-ala.”

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