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Broadway dancer Tommy Bracco was forced to two-step (and cartwheel) his way out of the Big Brother house Thursday night after being evicted by his peers. But it appeared to be a big lie and blow-up at a house meeting that sent Tommy packing.

Michie — who was trying desperately to save his showmance partner, Holly — eavesdropped on Tommy’s conversation with Cliff and Nicole about throwing the HOH competition, and then made up an elaborate ruse that Tommy had told him about it and also said he was going to target Cliff. A huge fight ensued, with Tommy insisting it was all a lie. Whether Cliff and Nicole believed him or just felt it was better to get him out remains unclear, but it certainly didn’t help him.

We caught up with Tommy on his way to the jury house and asked him why he told everyone about knowing Christie outside the game, his biggest regret in the game, and more.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why do you think you were evicted this week?
TOMMY BRACCO: There was a four-person alliance between Nicole, Cliff, Jackson, and Holly, and despite the fact it may be best for Nic and Cliff’s game to keep me, they decided to keep their word and keep Holly in the house.

You told all the houseguests that you knew Christie from outside of the house. How much do you think that hurt you in your quest to stay in the game?
When Christie left the house, I felt extremely alone. I knew there was a four-person alliance and I was odd man out. I thought revealing my secret would help disassociate myself with her, let them in on my secret, and explain why I did what I did. Ultimately, I don’t know if it hurt me, but it certainly didn’t help me.

Strategically speaking, do you think Nicole and Cliff made the right or wrong decision in terms of what is best for their games?
Cliff expressed to me that he was hopeful someone would have taken Michie out in the process. I don’t think he and Nicole expected Michie to get this far or be in this situation. But Michie is such an animal and won every HOH imaginable, and now they were in a tough position to choose between breaking their word or their game.

If you could go back and change one thing about your game in hopes of getting a different result, what would it be?
I would not tell Michie and Holly about knowing Christie.

You told each and every houseguest you loved them approximately 1,000 times a day. Was that genuine? Was that gameplay? Or was it both?
I think it’s who I am. But I’m also aware that’s something about me that works to my benefit.

You may love everyone, but you have to make tough decisions in Big Brother and we’re going to force you to answer one right now: Who do you hope doesn’t make it to the final three, and why?
As a fan of the show, whenever I watch I’m rooting for the underdog. However, who I want to win the money and who I think deserves win the money are two different things. I will vote for who deserves win the money. I will vote for who played the best game.

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