By Nick Romano
September 12, 2019 at 08:28 AM EDT

Ever want to see what’s on Kim Kardashian West‘s phone? Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show audience all have… and did.

Fallon’s late-night TV game was called Show Me Your Phone, which was just an excuse, we believe, to get the reality star to show things on her phone.

A random generator would land on an app. Kardashian West and Fallon, depending on whose turn it was, would then have to show something from that app on their phone.

It began with Kardashian West showing her last text exchange with husband Kanye West and progressed to showing her last Google search (for pee holes in shapewear, as one does).

The grand finale was handed down by fashion model Winnie Harlow. She emerged to challenge both players to pick a photo from the other person’s deleted folder and post it to Instagram. It wasn’t as bad as you (or Kardashian West herself) might think.

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