Moira Rose’s favorite season is “awards.” Ours is Schitt’s Creek‘s Netflix premieres.

Pop TV subscribers are already caught up on Schitt’s Creek season 5, while everyone else has been frantically Googling “when will Schitt’s Creek season 5 premiere on Netflix?” Today, we have answers as the streaming service announced the most recent season will drop on the platform this Oct. 10.

Love this journey for Netflix.

Schitt's Creek
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Dan Levy, who co-created the comedy hit with father Eugene Levy, previously discussed the show’s unique journey from Canadian hidden gem to North American sensation, thanks in large part to the episodes getting a second wind on on Netflix following their Pop TV debut.

“The show has been well-known in Canada for some time, but it’s only been in the last little while that I’ve been walking down the street in the U.S. and people have come up and said either ‘I love your show’ or ‘Thank you,'” Levy, who also plays son David Rose, told EW. “I never know what to say. ‘Um…you’re welcome?’ But, I think because we’re Canadian, it all comes with a grain of salt and we all know it could go away tomorrow. We’re still just that little team up in Canada just trying to get a show made.”

Starring both Levy men, Catherine O’Hara, and Annie Murphy, Schitt’s Creek brought the uncomfortably posh Rose family down to earth when they lost their fortune and were forced to move to the backwoods town of Schitt’s Creek, a locale father Johnny Rose purchased for his son as a gag gift.

Season 6, which wrapped production in June and will air in 2020, will be the final season.

In July, the ensemble received four Emmy nominations: comedy series, lead actress (for O’Hara), lead actor (for Eugene), and contemporary costume design (for costume designer Debra Hanson and assistant costume designer Darci Cheyne).

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