"I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to be the physical manifestation of your worst nightmare."

James Corden transformed into the shape-shifting, child-eating alien clown from the world of Stephen King — for the second time. In 2017, to celebrate the first It movie, the Late Late Show host donned the costume for a one-man I.T. Department bit. For It Chapter Two, Pennywise returns, but this time he's looking for love on "The BachelorIT."

"I definitely want kids. Yeah, I love kids," he confides to bachelorette Ashley. And, in a way, he's not lying. "I've wanted kids for a long time. They're so sweet and tender and delicious."

Not every contestant is going to get along with each other, and Tyler P. definitely butted heads with Pennywise to the point the clown had to sneak into his bedroom later and devour him. But that's the game, right? To be the last man standing.

Meanwhile, Bill Skarsgård, the actor behind Pennywise in It Chapter Two, appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk more about the man behind the clown.

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