By Lynette Rice
September 09, 2019 at 05:45 PM EDT
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New host Marie Osmond made her debut in a knee brace while Sharon Osbourne revealed a brand-new facelift during the 10th season return of The Talk.

Osmond, 59, got teary-eyed (twice!) and explained why she accessorized her blue dress and high heels with some elastic around her knee. Last week the singer took a spill during her Las Vegas show — and she had a picture of her heavily bruised knees to show for it.

Osmond’s brother Donny — whom she performs with at the Flamingo Hotel — didn’t even notice his sister had tripped in her knee-high boots. A video of her tumble was shared during the episode, just to make Osmond’s debut extra-special. “It’s The Talk so we’re going to tell you everything,” Osmond told the audience. “Donny and I have a bet: If you have an accident and don’t keep singing, you have to pay the other $500.”

Osmond then got emotional by explaining how her “sweet” brother sent her flowers. “I just want to tell him, I love you, my brother,” she said, choking up. “We tease each other a lot. We are kinda like Mutt and Jeff, Pete and Repeat. I just love him, and he’s just so supportive and sweet.”

Osbourne, 66, had a revelation of her own to share on back-to-work day: She got a facelift, everyone! And it only happened five weeks ago, which blew away her cohosts Osmond, Sheryl Underwood, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Eve.

“I don’t look tired,” Osbourne explained, while revealing how her surgeon tightened up her neck and jowels. “It’s like he pulled up from the top with an elastic band. Everything looks more refreshed.”

There was one other moment that got Osmond all verklempt: In a discussion about Demi Lovato and her recent decision to post a picture of herself in a bathing suit, Osmond went on to talk about how bad it is to shame people for their actions. The singer remembered how fans gave her a hard time for going back to work one week after her son Michael took his own life in 2010, and how she was “shamed” for attending the wedding of her daughter Jessica, who is a lesbian. “You should never shame anyone, especially for loving your child,” Osmond said.

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