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Jessica Milagros tried to float her way through the Big Brother house this summer, but not even a life vest could save her from double eviction night on Thursday. Jessica was the first to go, being unanimously booted by her fellow houseguests.

How does the 37-year-old plus size model feel about her eviction? What would she go back and change if she could? And is she still hurt that Cliff made a new final 6 deal behind her back? We asked Jessica all that and more on her way to the jury house.

Jessica Milagros
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, Jessica, what do you ultimately think was your undoing that got you voted out of the house?
JESSICA MILAGROS:  I think it was my individual relationship with each houseguest vs. having a very strong bond with one houseguest and a very clear target.

You were voted out unanimously. Why do you think they all chose to keep Cliff instead of you?
 I think historically this season, the house has been voting pretty unanimously just to not make clear targets of themselves so I think they chose Cliff cause I was an original nominee of Michie’s and they wanted to not stir the pot.

How hurt were you a few weeks back when you found out that Cliff had made a deal with Nick and the others that you were not a part of?
Oh, wow, that was a hard one. I was VERY hurt. It made me look at Cliff in an entirely different way and it’s when I realized I was truly alone in the house. I felt that way for a while but knowing that Kat was going to leave and knowing I was not a part of that deal (being a part of his alliance), I felt pretty devastated.

You were banished on day 1 and ended up on the block a few times. Did you ever feel truly comfortable in the game?
I never felt comfortable because being banished and then being on the block a week later really hurt my ability to make very close connections in the house. Being on the block kind of makes you a pariah of sorts — no one really wants to talk to you, mainly because they feel they’ll be targeted next. I feel that it hindered me, so I was always a bit uncomfortable talking game since I didn’t know who was always talking game with others and in an alliance.

If you could go back and change one thing about your game, what would it be?
Would being able to win a physical comp be a thing? Haha, cause the only thing I feel I could have done better at would have been to be more physical and win — to keep myself off the block.

A lot can change between now and finale night, but who do you think had played the best game so far?
Good question. Everybody is playing such a good game. I guess it would depend on whether you prefer to get stabbed in the front or the back, lol. I personally think Tommy is playing a great game, is loved by absolutely everyone ,and hasn’t seen the block. So I would say Tommy.

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