They may have called the series finale “The Final Frontier” in a nod to the show’s theme song, but it turns out that, 20 years later, Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt are still mad about each other. Or, at least, like each other enough to still want to work together. So, later this holiday season, Spectrum Originals is serving up a limited-series revival of the award-winning ’90s rom-(sit)com Mad About You. Currently, Spectrum is making all 164 episodes from the series’ original 1992-1999 run available free on demand to customers.

Mad About You Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt CR: Brook Pifer/Sony Pictures Television
Credit: Brook Pifer/Sony Pictures Television

The first six episodes in the continuing adventures of Paul and Jamie Buchman will drop Nov. 20, with another six episodes appearing Dec. 18.

In EW’s exclusive first look (above), we see a black-and-white snap of the Buchmans that echoes those from the original opening sequence showing the couple out and about in New York City. “That image, among several others, will be used in the opening credits,” says showrunner Peter Tolan (Rescue Me, The Job). “Some of those pictures were taken in some of the same locations as the original, and some are totally new.”

In addition to Reiser and Hunt, who will be staring down an empty nest in the new season, costars John Pankow and Richard Kind will be reprising their roles as Paul’s cousin Ira and buddy Mark, respectively.

Tolan knows what some diehard fans might be thinking: What about that series finale that flashed far into the future? “Believe me, there was a lot of discussion about that final episode, and how we were going to conveniently ignore it,” he says. “There’s things we wanted the latitude to explore without committing to that [version of the narrative]. So I think there will be some true fans who will go, ‘What the hell just happened?’ But for everybody else, I think they’ll be perfectly fine with how it lays out.”

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This article has been updated to include the series’ premiere date.

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