Watch a preview of 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' debut, where Johnson fills in for his friend Hart, who was injured in a weekend car accident.

Kelly Clarkson was already nervous enough about hosting the very first episode of her own talk show. And then the worst case scenario happened.

The singer and Voice coach’s first scheduled guest, Kevin Hart, is currently recovering from back surgery following a Sunday car accident in Malibu Hills, Calif. And while he’ll be “just fine,” according to his wife, Hart, of course, was unable to be on the series premiere of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

So what’s a host to do in the 11th hour? Clarkson says she phoned everyone she could think of, scrambling to replace Hart, and one of his friends stepped up in a major way.

Dwayne Johnson, who starred with Hart in Central Intelligence and two Jumanji movies, left his honeymoon early to fill in at the last minute as Clarkson’s first-ever guest on her new talk show, which taped on Tuesday, Sept. 3. Check out the sneak peek above as Clarkson gets teary-eyed over the predicament (and then properly geeks out about having Johnson as her first guest!).

And Johnson took to Twitter to share more about him stepping in. “When my son @KevinHart4real goes down with an injury, his big daddy steps in,” he wrote. “I did leave my honeymoon early (Lauren approved cos she LOVES Kelly) and now me and Kelly are new best friends.”

The Kelly Clarkson Show premieres Monday, Sept. 9. Check your local listings to find out where and when to watch.

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