Everyone in Nuuk, Greenland seems to think Americans are just fat fast-food eaters. Conan O’Brien didn’t do much to help with that image.

After news came out that President Donald Trump wanted to buy Greenland and subsequently got in a war of words with the prime minister of Denmark over it, O’Brien decided to go to Greenland to become the middle man in this purchase.

Aside from the pure joy of watching the late-night comedian take a joyride around the Danish territory, he also stopped to ask just about everyone what they think of America.

Vivi, O’Brien’s tour guide through Nuuk, put it fairly succinct: “You’re all fat.” The Conan host kept bringing up all our fast-food accomplishments, including putting cheese inside pizza crusts. Clearly, it didn’t help his cause.

The only good thing about the idea of America purchasing Greenland would be O’Brien naming himself the late-night host of Greenland. Even the guy wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat — which he wore as thanks for all the attention Trump gave to Greenland with his comments — wasn’t too jazzed about the idea.

Negotiation accomplished! Kind of.

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