It turns out that the ominous warning spray-painted on the soundstage doors at the end of last week’s episode of BH90210 is a direct quote from one of the original series’ most infamous characters. And in tonight’s episode, Jamie Walters — the actor who portrayed Donna’s abusive boyfriend Ray Pruit — popped up for a brilliant cameo when Tori Spelling (Tori Spelling) decided that it must have been Jamie who set fire to the reboot’s set. Walters had a clear motive for being bitter about the reboot and 90210 in general: “The fans started hating him because he pushed Donna down the stairs. It really messed with his career,” explains Spelling. “This is triggering him!”

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For the uninitiated (although, are any uninitiated viewers watching this show?), Spelling is referring to the season 5 episode “P.S. I Love You: Part 2,” in which Ray corners Donna in Palm Springs and ends up shoving her stunt double down the stairs in a rage.

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Spelling has the epiphany about Walters after taking a tumble down some stairs outside the soundstage (darn that Jennie Garth for encouraging them to get in their steps!). So she and the rest of the cast hop inside Gabrielle Carteris‘ (promotional consideration provided by) Cadillac and drive several hours to find Ray. (“At least it was a comfortable ride,” says Spelling, who’s an executive producer on BH90210 and probably the only cast member willing to read advertising copy. “There’s all this space in the third row.”)

When the gang finds Walters, he’s on stage at a bar singing his character’s signature tune, “How Do You Talk to An Angel.” He’s happy to see his old costars, though he doesn’t recognize Shannen Doherty — and the actress, who left the show after season 4, has no idea who he is either. (“There was a season SIX?” she says incredulously.) Though Walters admits that playing the hateful Ray “pretty much ruined my acting career,” he tells Spelling and company that he has no hard feelings about 90210, nor is he in the business of committing arson: “You guys know I quit acting and became a firefighter, right? I put out fires, I don’t start ‘em.”

Credit: Shane Harvey/FOX

A call from Jason Priestley proves that Walters is telling the truth: It turns out that obsessed fan who owns Donna’s flouncy red prom dress, the one who demanded Spelling return the dress “unlaundered,” was arrested for starting the soundstage fire. The cast apologizes to Walters and joins him for a chorus of “Angel” on stage.

With one episode left this season, might we see anyone else from 90210 past pop up in the finale? (Please, please, please bring back Tiffani Theissen!)

BH90210 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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