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Steven Universe The Movie

HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: 6 p.m. on Cartoon Network

It's been two years since the events of Steven Universe season 5 and our titular hero is now 16 years old. More importantly, he has a neck! Yes, after nearly six years, the animators finally gave the character something he was missing. "One of the most difficult design problems was how Steven's head connects to his body," showrunner Rebecca Sugar tells EW. "To finally be able to draw him with a neck is liberating for us." Of course, there's lots of other stuff going besides the neck. Steven returns home to Beach City, content with spending time with his friends and hoping things will never change. As expected, things do change: a new villain arrives on earth to set a cataclysmic plot into motion. Who is she? Why is she doing this? It's all part of the mystery Sugar hopes to maintain before the movie's premiere on Cartoon Network. And then there's the whole musical aspect to Steven Universe The Movie. For Sugar, "It's so character-based and it's such an emotional story for a musical, because people need to be driven to the point where they need to sing about how they're feeling." —Nick Romano

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Bachelor in Paradise

Credit: ABC


Poor Clay. Just as he was getting closer to Nicole, his ex-girlfriend Angela shows up to be Krystal's bridesmaids at her wedding to Chris — and those feelings for her that he thought were long gone apparently aren't. So where does that leave Nicole and Clay? And what about Angela's relationship with Mike? Then there's the Tayshia-JPJ-Derek love triangle, which is complicated by Derek, who it appears is out for revenge. And Dean is back … but his mustache isn't! —Gerrad Hall

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