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It was a roller-coaster ride for Nick Maccarone this summer in the Big Brother house. The 27-year-old therapist from New Jerey and showmance partner Isabella were part of the power alliance in the house… until they weren’t. Bella was then voted out and Nick was on the outs… until he wasn’t. Nick slowly worked himself into a place where he was in well with almost every single player… until he wasn’t. Christie get everyone in the house riled up against Nick, culminating in the Taco Tuesday blowup that may have been his undoing.

Nick was unanimously voted out on Thursday’s live eviction episode. What does he make of Tommy choosing Christie over him? Why did his last plea to Holly and Michie fall on deaf ears? And what is his biggest regret in the game? We asked Nick all that and more on his way to the jury house.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Do you think the Taco Tuesday blowup is what ultimately got you voted out of the house?
NICK MACCARONE: I do not believe that the Taco Tuesday blowup is what got me voted out of the house. The reasoning behind why I responded the way I did was because Christie had told me that in her campaigns she was going to blow up my game. Once I heard her in the RV say that she was thinking about doing it on Taco Tuesday instead, I figured it would be smart to just air it out in front of everyone so I was able to defend myself. Regardless if I did not do it, my game was getting blown up in her campaign speeches to stay the next day anyways.

You thought you were so close to Tommy, yet he told you he made a promise to not vote out Christie. Why do you think he threw his support to her instead of you, and do you resent him at all for that?
You’re right, I did believe that I was super-close to Tommy, and that was my mistake of trusting him when he clearly showed throughout this season that he could not be relied on when you needed his vote, for example the Jack and Sis eliminations. Tommy stated that he promised Christie his vote this week due to not wanting to be put up as a replacement nominee from America’s Prankster. However, I guess he forgot that I was (1) Sitting next to her and (2) That he had literally told me earlier in the week that if I were to sit next to her at any time that he would vote her out. I would have NEVER promised to vote out someone I was loyal to just to stay off the block, but if that’s how he wants to play the game, he is going to have a tough time securing jury votes and people’s trust going forward.

You promised Michie and Holly to work for them and basically promised them everything under the sun to keep you. Why do you think that pitch didn’t work?
I honestly wish I had any sort of inkling to why that pitch did not work. I essentially was just asking for a vote and I literally would keep them safe next week if I had won, if I was put next to them on the block I would take them off, and I would be another threat in the house. They still decided not to vote for me when they would not have owed me anything going forward, so for their sakes I hope that it works out or I will be seeing them in the jury house very shortly.

You said in your pre-voting speech that you wish you had done more to keep Sam in the house. What more could you have done to have saved him?
I was in a very tough position when Sam and I both got nominated, and when I won the Power of Veto, we both knew that he most likely was going home. However, with the Day 44 blowup, I should have talked to Sam and told him to promise Christie that he would not go after her if she kept him going forward and that he would have been a vote for them. However, the position I was in for my game, I did not think if I pushed to keep him it would reflect positively on my chances going forward. But looking back, his loyalty was unrivaled and I would have rather pushed to keep him to know that I would always have someone that would have my back.

If you could go back and change one thing about your game, what would it be?
That is a very interesting question; to be honest, I am the type of person that believes everything happens for a reason. Even when I got kicked out of Gr8ful, it put me in the position to regroup and essentially work with both sides of the house. I suppose if I could change one thing, it would have been when I got the America’s Prankster power, I should have went up to three people and said, “I am the Prankster; if you want to stay off the block this week, I want a promise and swear that you will vote to keep me if I go on the block.” The reason I did not do this was because I already believed based off prior conversations that I had three votes secured in Nicole, Cliff, and Tommy.

So much can change between now and finale night, but which houseguests do you think are playing the best game so far?
Holly is by far playing the best game in the house. I talked to her an hour before leaving the game and apologized to her for not being more loyal to her in the beginning, and we both agreed that we had similar values and gameplay that would have benefited each other going forward. Her gameplay is incredible, her social game is impeccable, and she is protected by the biggest threat in the house with Michie.

If they can survive this week without having to win HOH, one of them will definitely be in finale night, and I would love to see them win this game. Michie is also playing a great game, but if he wants to get to the end, he is going to have to break the BB record for competition wins in a season because without me in the house, he has no one to protect him.

You and Isabella got very close in the house. What do you hope is in your future with her outside of the house?
Wow, do I love and respect Isabella so much, even if she did conveniently “forget” to give me my chain back before she left the house. LOL, just kidding. I really do see the possibility of a future with her, but we both agreed before she left the house that we did not want to do a long-distance relationship. However, I would not be opposed to trying it out and seeing where it goes from there. Regardless if we end up together in the long run, I will always have love for her and I cannot see her not in my life. She is a very special person, someone I truly love and care about.

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