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Netflix's canceled drama series The OA won't have a movie to wrap up the series after all.

The series, which debuted in 2016 and recently ended on a cliffhanger after two seasons (of a planned five), sparked intense fan outcry (at one point there was even a hunger strike).

But as first reported by Variety, talks for a two-hour movie with the show's creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij to wrap up the mystery drama broke down and the cast has been released from their contracts, ending any likely probability of reuniting for more OA.

Marling posted a message to fans last weekend on Instagram about their efforts and the cancellation.

"We're humbled, to be honest floored, by the outpouring of support for The OA," Marling wrote. "Your words and images move us deeply. Not because the show must continue, but because for some people its unexpected cancelation begs larger questions about the role of storytelling and its fate inside late capitalism's push toward consolidation and economies of scale …  The other day [The OA showrunner] Zal [Batmanglij] and I pulled over to offer a bottle of water and food to a young woman who has been protesting the cancelation of the show on a street corner in Hollywood," Marling said of Young. "As we were leaving she said, 'You know, what I'm really protesting is late capitalism.' And then she said something that I haven't been able to forget since: 'Algorithms aren't as smart as we are. They cannot account for love.' Her words. Not mine. And the story keeps going inside them."

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