It's been 16 years since she appeared in this video but the surprise VMAs dancer still has the best moves.

Alyson Stoner has always had the best moves, no matter her age.

The dancer first went viral before going viral was even a thing back in 2002 as the incredible little girl breaking it down in Missy Elliott‘s “Work It” music video. And then she surprised everyone earlier this week by showing up onstage during Elliott’s 2019 VMAs medley performance to perform in the “Work It” portion, bringing her entire career full circle and proving that she’s always been cooler than everyone else.

Alyson Stoner
Credit: Ellen/Twitter

Stoner is definitely have A Moment as everyone either remembers or is now learning how amazing of a dancer she is, and Ellen DeGeneres is helping her out by sharing a throwback video from the time a young Stoner taught her how to dance on The Ellen Show 16 years ago.

It’s adorable watching Stoner try her best to make DeGeneres more “hip” … and it’s actually pretty impressive how good of a teacher she was back then! Add “instructor” to the list of professions Stoner can check off her list.

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