What is… some really good news?

The clue to that response in the form of a question would be that Alex Trebek is back to work at Jeopardy and done with chemotherapy. The venerated game show host shared a video through Jeopardy channels Tuesday showcasing him back on set taping the 36th season of the beloved trivia show.

“It’s another day at the office for me and an exciting day because so many great things have been happening,” he says the video, before running through some of the show’s recent highlights, including last season’s juggernaut James Holzhaeur and a new player Trebek says is like the Energizer Bunny.

But the best news in the video is that Trebek, who revealed in March that he had been diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer, has completed his cancer treatments. “I’ve gone through a lot of chemotherapy, and thankfully that is now over,” he says. “I’m on the mend, and that’s all I can hope for right now.” (Back in May, Trebek said he was in “near remission.”)

Trebek never took a break from his hosting duties during treatment, and now he’s back for yet another season of the long-running show. Jeopardy begins airing its 36th season this fall.

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