As the season of "hot priest" wanes, the season of "hot pope" waxes. (Body waxes, that is.) Enter an aggressively shirtless Jude Law strutting through HBO and Sky Atlantic's latest The New Pope trailer in nothing but a charming smirk and skin-hugging swim briefs.

It truly is a hot pope summer as women fawn over the glistening Pope Pius XIII, who first appeared in the previous installment, The Young Pope. Plot details on the sequel series, The New Pope, aren't fully known, but this teaser is doing wonders in creating an allure.

John Malkovich also appears as a new character wearing similarly papal garb, but he's having a progressively less hot pope summer.

Sharon Stone and Marilyn Manson will also guest star on The New Pope, which consists of nine episodes from director Paolo Sorrentino. Sorrentino penned the series with Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises.

The show is "coming soon" to HBO and Sky Atlantic. In the meantime, enjoy more of Law give his flock what they want.

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