Liza on Demand is returning for season 2, and our heroine seems to be facing even more relatable struggles.

“You know how one minute you’re working in a DNA testing facility and you accidentally sneeze in a sample and a month later, someone comes to your door because they think you’re related?” Liza (Liza Koshy) says in the new trailer released Tuesday. The video teases some of the guest stars from the new season, including Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp, Josh Peck, Jim O’Heir, and more.

While Liza’s story might not apply to anyone else, fans can definitely relate to her doing every side gig imaginable — from TaskIt to Uber — and struggling to find her purpose. This new season will see Liza with her best friends and roommates Oliver (Travis Coles) and Harlow (Kimiko Glenn) as they continue doing odd jobs and searching for Mr. Perfect (or as Oliver calls it, Mr. “Eh, I can live with that”).

The pilot for the YouTube Originals comedy series has racked up nearly 40 million views to date, and its first season is available to stream now for free. Season 2 episodes will be available for free and released weekly every Wednesday.

Koshy is a comedian, actress, and YouTube star who boasts more than 17 million subscribers on her main channel. She’s presented the past two seasons of Nickelodeon’s revived Double Dare game show and is also set to star in the upcoming dance comedy film, Work It, alongside Sabrina Carpenter.

Liza on Demand season 2 debuts Sept. 25.

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