A lot has changed since 1983, when the original Mr. Mom — which starred Michael Keaton as Jack, an unemployed dad who is forced to become “the lady of the house” after his wife gets a new job — hit theaters. But as this first look at Vudu‘s upcoming Mr. Mom revival proves, some parenting struggles remain the same, even 36 years later.

The streaming series stars Andrea Anders (Better off Ted, Young Sheldon) as Megan, a stay-at-home mom who unexpectedly lands her dream job, leaving her husband Greg (played by Angie Tribeca‘s Hayes MacArthur) to take over full-time daddy duty. (“We can’t even afford the nannies who smoke!” laments Megan.) The 11-episode comedy is free to stream, and will follow Megan as she tries to adjust at her new millennial-filled workplace, while Greg tries to launch a startup (an intriguing concept called “Pizzamail”) from home while taking care of the kids. And with each episode running just 12 to 15 minutes in length, viewers can screen it in between fighting with their kids about homework and putting them to bed for the night.

Mr. Mom premieres Sept. 12 on Vudu.

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