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Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker

Warning: This post contains major plot points from the third season of 13 Reasons Why. DO NOT READ unless you want to have the season's mystery spoiled for you.

Ever since the moment that Netflix released the first trailer for 13 Reasons Why's third season, we've known one thing: Someone killed Bryce Walker. Throughout the entirety of the season—13 episodes, to be exact—the students of Liberty High worked together to try to figure out who was responsible. All signs pointed to the night of the Homecoming game, which was played between Liberty and Hillcrest, A.K.A Bryce's new school. A fight broke out. Zach was carried off the field with a busted knee. Everyone else walked away with black eyes and bruises. But Bryce walked away never to be seen again. At least not by everyone.

The question of the season was this: What happened between the Homecoming game and Bryce's body washing up? And before we reveal the answer, let us once again say this: THIS IS A MAJOR SPOILER. Only scroll if you want all the answers…

Okay, here's how it went down: Before the Homecoming game started, Bryce asked if Jessica would meet him after. He had something he wanted to give to her. But after Bryce tore up Zach's knee in the fight, it was Zach who followed Bryce out to the docks where he was supposed to meet Jess. There, Zach fought Bryce, breaking one of his legs and one of his arms in the process. But Zach didn't kill Bryce. He simply left him with no way to get home (or even get up).

After Zach left, Jessica and Alex showed up. (She brought Alex for protection.) Bryce gave her a tape he'd made admitting to all of the rapes he'd committed and apologizing for the damage he'd done. But just as Jess and Alex started to leave, Bryce asked if they could help him get up. Alex started to help Bryce walk, but then Alex realized just how much hurt Bryce had caused all of them. At that moment, Alex shoved him into the water where Bryce would go on to drown.

And yet, Alex didn't go to jail for his crime. Instead, everyone agreed to place the blame on Monty, who was already in jail—and it turns out had already been killed in jail—for sexually assaulting Tyler in season 2. So not only did Alex kill Bryce, but he got away with it.

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Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker
13 Reasons Why

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