In case you haven’t gotten around to watching Doom Patrol on DC Universe yet, you should know that it is the weirdest superhero TV series currently going. Season 1 featured, in no particular order, a character with 64 personalities who each have their own superpower; an alternate dimension that can only be accessed by entering a donkey’s mouth; a sentient genderqueer street block with the ability to teleport; a bounty hunter who can track down anyone by tasting their hair; and much more. Fans of the genre who haven’t yet subscribed to the DC Universe streaming platform should rejoice, because season 1 of Doom Patrol is soon coming to VOD and DVD. As a preview, EW can exclusively present the gag reel that accompanies the debut season.

Somehow, things get even weirder in this gag reel than they already are in the show itself. You can see many of the actors dancing in costume. It’s important to remember that though Robotman and Negative Man are voiced by Brendan Fraser and Matt Bomer, they are physically portrayed in costume by Riley Shanahan and Matthew Zuk, so those are the actors you can see busting a move in the clip. But just for good measure, the reel ends with Fraser (who did appear physically in a few episodes, such as when Robotman had to enter Crazy Jane’s mental Underground) screaming.

Doom Patrol: The Complete First Season is available for digital download on Aug. 26, and hits Blu-ray and DVD on Oct. 1. Watch the gag reel above.

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