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Analyse Talavera was told she was the pawn. But, as we all know, pawns go home on Big Brother. Analyse was sent out of the house and to the jury by a vote of 5-1 — a victim of the Taco Tuesday blow-up that shook up the house.

How does she feel about Christie’s final gambit? Did she do any campaigning on her on to stay? Is she disappointed her housemates did not keep her around? We asked the ousted Analyse all of that and more, including what her biggest regret in the game is and who she thinks is playing the best so far. Read on to see what Sis had to say!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You were so confident about not going home that you even wanted people to use the veto on Christie instead of you if they won it. Do you think the Taco Tuesday blow-up had anything to do with people deciding to save Christie, and if so, why?
ANALYSE TALAVERA: Taco Tuesday’s blow up definitely had to do with people deciding to save Christie. She blew up Nick’s game. and even though a lot of people said they already knew how he was playing, I think it kind of put into perspective how dangerous Nick really is. With that, it didn’t help that Nick went around preaching he made promises to me to keep me safe and went around saying he would use the veto on me. The blow up made people realize that the relationship Nick and I had was too dangerous and the house was not 100% sure I would take shots at Nick whereas it was very obvious Christie would.

Do you resent Christie for blowing up Nick if that ultimately was a ploy to send you out of the house instead of her?
I don’t resent Christie for blowing up Nick because it was the only angle she had when campaigning against me to stay in the house, because she didn’t want to campaign against me. Would I have preferred her not to do it? Well, yes, but either way she was going to drag him in her campaign and I guess I would have rather it happened in front of everyone so I know what was being said rather than behind closed doors. I definitely think it was a ploy to send me out the door instead of her and it was a hell of a good one. It backed me in a corner that I couldn’t really get out of. When campaigning to other houseguests as to why they should keep me, I wasn’t able to talk about why keeping me could benefit their game. The topic of discussion was about Nick and about Nick and my relationship and if I would go after Nick or not. Clearly, people didn’t believe me.

Did you do any campaigning to stay in the house?
I did do campaigning to stay in the house, but the topic of discussion was about Nick and how he’s scary and our relationship. I wasn’t able to really talk to them about why keeping me would benefit them, it was just all about Nick.

Are there any people that you were disappointed about because you think they did not vote for you to stay?
I was a little sad that Tommy and Holly didn’t vote for me to stay but I get that Michie wanted Christie to stay and they didn’t want to go against him, which is crap in my opinion. People should vote however they want and for whoever they feel can help further their game, not because an HOH says so.

If you could go back and change one thing about your game that may have led to a different result, what would it be?
I think I would change the fact that I was kind of quiet in the beginning and didn’t talk too much game to people until there was about ten of us left. I thought laying low and under the radar would have been a good thing, but I guess not.

What kind of reunion and future are you hoping to have with Jack outside of the house?
Hopefully when I see Jack we can start where we left off. I’ve been super nervous to know if he still feels the same way about me after not seeing me for two weeks. I had realized that I actually liked him more than I thought. As far as the future, I’m not sure what I want with Jack outside this house. I’m kind of just going with the flow and doing whatever I think feels right. I wouldn’t mind trying to date outside the house but I definitely want to see how our relationships grows in the jury house.

A lot can change between now and finale night, but who has played the best game in the house so far?
I think that Nick was playing a great game until it got blown up. He literally had everyone protecting him, and even people he got in huge blow-ups with like Nicole and people he tried to get out like Cliff were still protecting him. But I also think Tommy is playing an amazing game and I would love to see him get to the end. He has great relationships with everyone, he competes hard, and knows the game very well.

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