Netflix is inviting you to embark on an unexpected island adventure. And to put you in the mood, the first trailer for The I-Land takes direct aim at Fyre Fest, complete with beautiful bikinis, swimming pigs, and promises of an immersive experience.

In this show, however, you won’t lose your money — you’ll lose your life.

Starring Kate Bosworth, Natalie Martinez, and Alex Pettyfer, the seven-episode limited series centers on 10 people who try to claw their way back home after they regain consciousness on a remote island, completely devoid of memories or their identities or how the hell they got here. Do they soon discover that this world is exactly what it appears to be? Evil laughter here, it’s quite the opposite. Some will live, some will die, and all will be watched by creepy people monitoring them via a bank of computer screens. On a mysterious island (hmmm…), where they are being forced into a hunt (hmmmm…), tropical terror awaits.

Check out the trailer above for The I-Land, which premieres Sept. 12.

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