Here's where everyone left off ahead of the new season.
Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker’s (Katherine Langford) story may be over, but 13 Reasons Why still has two more seasons left in the tank. Netflix has already renewed the teen drama for a fourth and final season ahead of season 3’s debut, so gear up because we have another 26 episodes of the teen drama to watch.

13 Reason Why Season 3
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13 Reasons Why is about to debut its third season, and after that heart-stopping season 2 finale cliffhanger, it’s understandable if you’re having trouble remembering where all the characters left off. It’s been more than a year since season 2 dropped on Netflix, so refresh your memory with our primer below on everything you need to know ahead of season 3.

That cliffhanger

One of the hardest scenes to watch in season 2 is Montgomery (Timothy Granaderos) assaulting Tyler (Devin Druid) in the bathroom, especially since it leads Tyler to seek revenge by attempting to shoot up the school dance. The season 2 finale ends with Clay, having been tipped off about Tyler’s impending attack, rushing outside to talk him down. Clay is either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid, putting himself at the end of Tyler’s rifle, but he successfully talks him out of committing mass murder. With the sound of sirens in the distance, Clay gets Tyler to leave in Tony’s (Christian Navarro) car, but Clay is the one left holding the assault rifle as Justin (Brandon Flynn) and Jessica (Alisha Boe) stand with him in shock. Will Clay find himself taking the blame for Tyler’s plans? What will he do with the gun? What are these teens planning to do with Tyler, who clearly needs more help than they can give?

That love triangle

The school dance isn’t just full of terrifying school shooting triggers. It also features some nonviolent high school drama as Jessica finds herself in the middle of a heated love triangle. She kisses Alex (Miles Heizer), sealing the deal on their long-teased relationship. They’re officially dating! But then she has sex with Justin in the locker room, reigniting their complicated love story. Who will she choose in season 3? And will the revelation of what happened at the dance tear this group apart even more?

That pregnancy

Season 2 was tough to watch for many reasons, but Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice) not facing any real justice for his crimes is frustrating. He only receives three months of probation after raping Hannah and Jessica. It’s also revealed that he had raped his own girlfriend Chlöe, but she changes her testimony at the last minute to clear Bryce’s name, much to everyone’s shock. She later reveals to Jessica that she’s pregnant, probably with Bryce’s child. Is she going to keep the baby? How will Bryce react?

That addiction

After Justin was arrested with Bryce for what happened the night of Jessica’s rape, all hope seems lost. Because he doesn’t have parents willing to show up for him, he’s about to become a ward of the state. That’s why Clay’s family steps up and adopts him, giving him a loving family for the first time in his life. Things are finally looking up for the troubled teen … but his addiction rears its ugly head and he shoots up heroin in secret in Clay’s room. Fans should expect his storyline to take a dark turn in season 3. Addiction doesn’t just go away, and secrets always come out.

All those other loose ends

As for the other characters, here’s where everyone leaves off by the end of season 2. Bryce is transferring as a junior to a private school and will definitely be seeing all his former friends/current enemies on the football field. Monty is still on the run after his threats and blackmail were finally revealed. Zach (Ross Butler) is no longer a jock, after finally getting fed up with Bryce and standing up for himself (and giving Clay the box of polaroids in an attempt to bring Bryce down without having to do anything himself). And having previously walked off the field mid-game, he officially quits the baseball team. Tony and his new boyfriend are in a good place. Ryan (Tommy Dorfman) is taking a gap year to travel. Olivia (Kate Walsh) decides to move to New York to live Hannah’s dream for her and leaves Clay with a loving message. Hannah is officially laid to rest in a moving ceremony and Clay finally lets her go, ending her story. Mr. Porter (Derek Luke) is fired and leaves Liberty High, dropping a stack of folders with files on the most troubled kids in an attempt to stop the next tragedy from happening. But Principal Bolan (Steven Weber) seems to just ignore it.

That murder

Okay, you’re forgiven if you don’t remember this one … because it hasn’t happened yet. The season 3 trailer reveals that Bryce Walker will be murdered in the new season, and everyone is a suspect. Looks like he’s finally facing the music for all his crimes!

13 Reasons Why season 3 drops on Aug. 23 on Netflix.

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Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker
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