Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker

It’s almost time for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why to return. And when it does, it’s giving viewers a little something different for its third season: A whodunnit. Keep reading for everything we know about season 3.

13 Reason Why Season 3
Credit: David Moir/Netflix

When and where?

13 Reasons Why’s third season will hit Netflix on August 23.


Bryce Walker is dead. Season 3 will pick up eight months after Clay stopped Tyler from brining a gun to the Spring Fling dance, and like the seasons before it, it will contain multiple timelines to give viewers an idea of what happened directly after the dance. However, there’s an even bigger question surrounding the Homecoming game, which takes place months later: After the game, Bryce Walker goes missing. And when he turns up dead, the season turns into a murder mystery surrounding who killed Bryce. And from the looks of things, everyone is a suspect (especially Clay).

New characters

In the middle of the Bryce drama sits a new character named Ani (played by newcomer Grace Saif), who will have a major role in unraveling the season’s mystery.

Where’s Hannah Baker?

As Katherine Langford said in the past, she will not be appearing in season 3.

Season 4

The show will have a fourth and final season, which is already in production and will see the kids of Liberty High School graduate.

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Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker
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